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Learning ‘bout Line-X.

Follow along as our High School / now College girl project continues on her 1972 El Camino with a trip to LINE - X for a complete redo of the car’s bed.


Video: Speed Revolutions Crew

Oh Please, Just Stop It!

    It’s amazing the reactions we’re getting to our van project, and the names folks have come up with for it. Some are good, and some would probably help you end up in jail. The thing is, it’s fun. Period. How long has it been since a project could just be fun? It’s easy…
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Vintage 4x4s Are Hot With Collectors

If you happened to catch any of the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction coverage this year you probably noticed that vintage 4x4s like Dodge Power Wagons, Toyota Land Cruisers and K5 Blazers are becoming hot commodities. It’s not surprising, because they are relatively easy to restore and modify, and pretty fun to drive when you’re finished. Samy…
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