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Oh Please, Just Stop It!

    It’s amazing the reactions we’re getting to our van project, and the names folks have come up with for it. Some are good, and some would probably help you end up in jail. The thing is, it’s fun. Period. How long has it been since a project could just be fun? It’s easy…
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Alan Peltier’s Top 5 Scotches:

The Right Whisky Is As Important As The Right Wheels Alan Peltier knows wheels. As President of HRE Wheels, wheels are one of his greatest passions in life. One of his other passions is scotch whisky, and in this he is a connoisseur. These whiskys are not the most expensive or exclusive, but give a…
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’37 Chevy Vs. ’37 Ford – You Decide

It’s not often you get to compare a pair of 80-year-old rival make automobiles, much less a Chevy and a Ford given the hot rod makeover treatment by a team of premier car builders intent on creating the “ultimate ‘37”. There’s lots in common: both are business coupes; they have insanely deep black paint and…
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Billy Gibbon’s ’34 Ford 3-Window

Artistry is a quirky thing – it is the ability to see and do things in a very different way than most other people. The Right Reverend Billy F. Gibbons is an artist. He plays the guitar like no one else – known for his many accolades as lead guitarist and singer for ZZ Top.…
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