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Learning ‘bout Line-X.

Follow along as our High School / now College girl project continues on her 1972 El Camino with a trip to LINE - X for a complete redo of the car’s bed.


Video: Speed Revolutions Crew

Getting Wired!

Basic Tech - Installing spark plug wires..... The easy way to an old skool buzz - with a high tech twist…..     Those of us who’ve done it a number of times know it isn’t rocket science, but for those who’ve never done it, changing a set of spark wires can be a bit…
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Oh Please, Just Stop It!

    It’s amazing the reactions we’re getting to our van project, and the names folks have come up with for it. Some are good, and some would probably help you end up in jail. The thing is, it’s fun. Period. How long has it been since a project could just be fun? It’s easy…
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