GenRight TERREMOTO – The T-Rex of JKs

All too many off-road shops are basically “bolt-on” specialists that often send their customers down the road with unsafe vehicles or vehicles that just can’t perform in the tough off-road environment of rock crawling or desert racing. GenRight not only designs and manufactures the highest quality Jeep components on the market, its experience from building race vehicles for events like King of the Hammers and rock-crawling competitions shows through in every custom build they do.


This rock incline is child’s play for Terremoto. With an Art Carr manual valve body 4L80E tranny backed up with an Atlas 3.0 twin-stick transfer case, Terremoto can crawl with the best of them.


When they decided to create the ultimate Jeep JK as a SEMA Show display vehicle, the resulting “Terremoto” not only looked bad-ass, it has since proved itself on the roughest terrain and trails in the west. Terremoto, an Italian word for earthquake, is really a misnomer – because this vehicle simply dampens the Richter scale – redefining Terremoto as the “T-Rex” of off-road Jeeps.


Where Terremoto really comes into its own is the varied trails of Moab, Utah. Here you can see how the rugged, GenRight narrow aluminum front fenders and 4-inch wide rears integrate with the JK’s lines and keep the rocks and debris from hitting the occupants. Also, visible are the GenRight aluminum rocker guards and rocker rash guards.


The first thing that hits you when you see Terremoto is how low it sits for having 40” Yokohama X-MT tires. No monster jeep here – just a totally flat underbelly thanks to Currie RockJock 70 axles front and rear and a full-travel GenRight Elite suspension setup. This low center of gravity is necessary with the 640hp LS3, 427cid engine, full-manual valve body 4L80E transmission tied to an Atlas 3.0 transfer case. When you mash the accelerator on Terremoto you want rotate those 40” tires, not the chassis.


This custom build 427cid Chevy LS3 powerplant is fitted with Stage 3 heads and belts out 640hp on pump gas with a healthy torque curve. Visible are the Griffin aluminum radiators and trans coolers with Spal electric fans. Installation is as technical as you’d see on any top off-road race truck.


The second thing that hits you is how integrated all of the components are. Whether they are off-the-shelf GenRight items or custom fabbed, it all fits together and functions together. Although Terremoto could be the ultimate recreational off-road vehicle with 4-person headset communication and a high-end sound system, it would be just as comfortable competing in the King of the Hammers yearly competition. Check out the photos and component detail closely that was used to create the T-Rex of off-road Jeeps. There are a ton of great ideas to incorporate into your off-road ride.


With the GenRight JKU rollcage silhouetted against the sky, you see how well designed and integrated GenRight’s components are. The cage is topped with a GenRight aluminum roof and B-pillar relocation kit. Doors are custom Savvy Half Doors with “shaved” door handles and ostrich skin door panels. A fiberglass hood with a low-profile scoop rounds out the body mods.


GenRight’s JK Elite suspension setup includes FOX 3.0”, internal-bypass coil overs with FOX 2.0” Air Bumps. Terremoto features lots of travel and cushy bump stops.


Lots going on in this photo – Currie RockJock 70, 40-spline axle with 5.38 gears and ARB locker. A GenRight CrMo Hi-Steer Kit for Rock Jock, and a GR Ultra Clearance Low Profile Winch Guard/Bumper (aluminum of course) are well displayed too. The bumper/guard conceals and protects a Warn 9.5 CTI winch.


A GenRight aluminum dash mounts an assortment of switches and a RacePak digital dash display and data logger. Simple, clean and effective…


Why not off-road in style? Ostrich skin door panels and ostrich-covered PRP Enduro Elite seats mounted on GR mounts rely on PRP 5-point belts to keep you safely and comfortably seated. An SSV waterproof sound system with 6 ½” Focal speakers and a 300W 10” sub woofer blasts out the tunes.


As the “God-rays” shine down from the setting sun in the desert, a few more details become visible such as the GenRight Full Corner Guards and aluminum rear bumper.


Huge 40” Yokohama X-MT tires are mounted on 17” x 8.5” KMC Machete beadlocks. They conceal R1 Concepts 6-piston calipers and 14”-diameter rotors. Lights are VisionX LED Vortex headlights and VisionX LED Cannon driving lights. The PSC hydro-assist steering box allows for one-handed steering on trails like this one.


Words: Len Emanuelson    Photos: GenRight


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