Hot New Design: JESEL LS7 Pedestal Rockers

LAKEWOOD, NJ – Jesel is well known for its innovation in shaft rocker systems where its proprietary valvetrain geometry can be optimized with rocker pivot length, ratio and fulcrum height minimizing rocker/valve tip scrub at peak valve lifts and pressures.

However, the new race rules for Factory Stock GM COPO engines require that the stock valvetrain design be retained with any rocker upgrade, and frankly, these new LS-style heads leave little room for a proper shaft rocker system. So Jesel simply reinvented the pedestal rocker for these ultra performance LS heads. While they were created specifically for the COPO engines, they will be right at home on any all-out drag/turbo/supercharged/nitrous LS engine that uses LS7 style heads.

Jesel machines the rockers from 4340 billet steel, that are fully heat treated and REM-finished. They rotate on heat-treated, tool steel trunions on dual .312” needle bearings. These billet steel rockers feature .250”-wide x .520” diameter needle bearing nose rollers and threaded ball-style lash adjusters. These jewel-like assemblies are fastened down with ARP hardware.

esel’s LS7 Pedestal Rocker Systems are designed for stock length valves with 1.80 ratios, but can handle higher spring pressures and increased valve lifts over stock rockers.

For more information please contact Jesel at 732-901-1800 or

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