JESEL Introduces New Chrysler Hemi® Belt Drive Distributor Drive Combo

LAKEWOOD, NJ – The latest generation 5.7L / 6.1L / 6.4L small-block Chrysler Hemi is building a solid reputation in drag racing circles and horsepower shootouts like the Engine Masters Challenge. Jesel’s new bolt-on Hemi belt drive provides racers and engine builders with a solution to integrate camshaft and distributor drives into an extremely accurate single compact unit. It incorporates Jesel’s traditional belt drive features such as a billet aluminum cover, Gates HTD® high torque belt, high-vacuum Teflon™ cam and crank seals, and coated pulleys for wear resistance.

Racers will love the ability to adjust cam timing (± 10 degrees) in a matter of minutes, and the fact that they can swap cams through the front cover without removing the oil pan – perfect for track or dyno testing a bunch of cams. Jesel’s belt drives isolate crankshaft vibration and dampen harmonics resulting in a smoother valvetrain assembly. Camshaft endplay is closely maintained by Jesel’s dual needle, Zero-Thrust cam adapter.

Available single or dual distributor drives provide stable ignition timing for 8 and 16-plug cylinder head applications. Jesel’s individual cylinder timing (ICT) option provides an accurate camshaft sync source for engines using EFI. The pickup can be indexed every 60-degrees for optimum wire routing.

Jesel’s belt drive system requires an external oil pump, remote mount electric water pump and crank trigger ignition system. It is designed for fabricated race pans, but can be used with the OEM pan using the available Jesel pan adapter. The Hemi billet belt drive cover is machined from 6061 aluminum and accepts the OEM gasket and comes with AN -16 water inlet and return fittings. For more information please contact JESEL at 732-901-1800 or

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