Jesel Releases Challenger Drag Pak Gen III Hemi Steel Rockers

LAKEWOOD, NJ – Not since the Hurst-built Hemi ‘Cudas and Darts in the late ‘60s has there been such a factory effort to create hand-built factory drag cars as the 2016 Challenger Drag Paks. And the Drag Pak’s new “tip of the spear” in the factory stock wars against the COPO Camaros and Cobra Jet Mustangs is a supercharged 354cid Gen III Hemi that is hand assembled and packs more than 1,000hp. This high-revving, short-stroke 354 and the 2.9L Whipple twin screw supercharger place the valvetrain under plenty of stress. In spite of coming from the factory with aftermarket steel shaft rockers, rocker failure is fairly common.

Jesel is offering Drag Pak owners an easy and lasting fix – a set of direct replacement steel rockers that retain the factory geometry for stock-length valves, and use the stock rocker shaft and hardware. However, these rockers are machined from 4340 forgings just like Jesel’s Top Fuel rockers. They rotate on special bronze bushings, not needle bearings, and feature needle bearing roller tips and built-in spring oilers. These rockers also incorporate an important Jesel innovation – threaded, ball-style lash adjusters that eliminate the counterbore required for traditional cup-style adjusters that weaken the rocker.

The Jesel Drag Pak rockers are simply a replacement bolt-on affair. They fit under stock valve covers with minor mods, or aftermarket fabricated aluminum covers. Jesel also offers an upgraded DLC coated shaft that is stronger is reduces friction.

For more information please go to or call 732-901-1800.

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