Tranzilla® HD Transfer Case Half Replacement For New Venture Transfer Cases

SLOATSBURG, NY – After several years of design and more than 24 months of real-world tests, Rockland Standard Gear (RSG) has released its new Tranzilla HD transfer case half to fix problems with New Venture 246, 261, 263, and 149 transfer cases.

Many owners have experienced “bearing creep” due to the chemical incompatibility of steel bearings in the OEM magnesium case, as well as oil pump “beat-through” where the oil pump literally bores a hole in the transfer case half. The RSG heat-treated, aircraft-grade aluminum replacement case half is built for extreme duty with extra ribbing and thicker material in critical areas. In fact, it weighs four more pounds than the OEM magnesium case it replaces, and totally eliminates the electrolysis problem inherent with the factory cases. Additionally, the Tranzilla HD case half eliminates other costly fixes such as oil pump thrust plate that typically cost $45.00 or more. It also eliminates snap ring groove wear.

With just two part numbers RSG was able to replace 10 OEM part numbers with a direct replacement part that requires no modification. RSG PN 30603TZ replaces New Venture PN 30603, 30959 and 30961 – GM PN 12473226, 12384976, and 12473204 – Dodge PN 5170564AA. RSG PN 25900TZ replaces New Venture PN 25900 and GM PN 12478092. This application versatility allows shops to consolidate inventory to lower costs and increase profits.

The Tranzilla HD transfer cases are proudly made in the USA. For more information please contact Rockland Standard Gear at 1-800-227-1523, or visit Wholesale distributors welcome – please call Monday through Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm Eastern time.

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