2018 AMBR Winner and Contenders!

Update: 2018 AMBR Winner

When the judging concluded today (January 28th) at the Grand National Roadster Show at Pomona, California’s Fairplex, Dave Martin’s ‘31 roadster built by Scott Bonowski’s Hot Rods & Hobbies stood out above the 15 contenders (see them below). As always it was a brutally close competition for the highly coveted America’s Most Beautiful Roadster (AMBR) award. Dave not only walked off with the trophy and bragging rights, he received a $10,000 check as well.

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Pomona, CA – It’s Grand National Roadster Show time at the Pomona Fairplex where the latest crop of street roadsters will compete for the 2018 AMBR (America’s Most Beautiful Roadster) award. It is as prestigious as the coveted Riddler award handed out at the Detroit Autorama. The real distinction is that the vehicles must be roadsters to qualify.


2018 Grand National Roadster Show AMBR Show Floor

Daniel Hostetter’s 1927 Ford Concept Car

Bruce Meyer’s 1932 Ford Roadster


This year’s group of 12 contenders is fairly typical consisting of a half a dozen ’32 Fords plus a handful of ’31s,’34s and ‘36s thrown in for good measure. Rick Dore’s hand built 1936 “Cadillac” custom is a welcome diversion and Daniel Hostetter’s “T” Concept Car is very intriguing take on the traditional “T” roadster.


Rick Dore’s 1936 Cadillac Custom


Rick Dore’s 1936 Cadillac Custom Besides the AMBR Awards, the Grand National Roadster show features 100s of hot rods, customs, rat rods, muscle cars and racecars. You need to see these cars in person to fully appreciate the workmanship. Go check them out at the Pomona Fairplex.


Bill Nash’s 1932 Ford Roadster


Dave Martin’s 1931 Ford Roadster


John Leonti’s 1932 Ford Roadster


Sean Black’s 1932 Ford Roadster


Chris and Robyn Parmelee’s 1936 Ford Roadster


Alan Johnson’s 1932 Ford Roadster


Pete Aardema’s 1934 Ford Roadster


AMBR “Oscars”


John and Pat Miller’s 1932 Ford Roadster


Thomas Bobowski’s Eddi Dye Roadster


Scott Hellison’s 1932 Ford Roadster


Brian Cruz’s 1932 Ford Roadster


Dana Elrod’s 1936 Ford Roadster



Every car presented here would be a deserving winner. However, every year there’s one car that catches everyone’s eye and is the center of attention. This year it is Dana Elrod’s bad-ass ’36 Ford. It’s low, got the right engine and the baddest stance of the competition. Is that enough to win? We’ll all know Sunday night after the judging, but it’s our pick for this year’s AMBR award.

Words: Len Emanuelson    Photos: Randy Lorentzen

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