NO PETTY ACHIEVEMENT: 1971 Richard Petty Plymouth Road Runner

  Richard Petty, the Once and Future King, the most accomplished driver in the history of NASCAR— son of a race car driver, movie star, friends to presidents, the Other American Hero—had a hell of a year in 1971. It was his “Million Dollar Year:” the year when he won 22 races, including the big…
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Overhaulin’s Mark Oja Builds Himself A Bitchin’ C10 Shop Truck

3 simple truths… You can’t unring a bell… You can’t have your cake and eat it too… It’s only original once! That last adage is a mindset car and truck restorers live by, the act of retaining original paint as critical to the value of a vehicle as number matching engine, transmission and chassis serial…
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Cookin’ with Gas! The Iconic STONE, WOODS, and COOK 1941 Willys Gasser

  As legends go, few drag racing teams have achieved more iconic status than the widely celebrated Stone Woods and Cook team that terrorized the nation’s dragstrips with its supercharged Willys Gassers throughout the sixties. Their popularity was further confirmed in 1982 when Hot Rod Magazine named the Stone Woods Cook Willys the most famous…
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