Although it had rained heavily for three days prior to the race weekend and portions of the track were flooded, the rain finally stopped, and the water drained off the track and the paddock.  Friday March 6th was a practice day and the track was dry, so practice took place.  It was suggested not to go off the track but if you did, it was your responsibility to get the frogs off your kart!  Actually, the practice went well without incident.  It was quite windy so that helped to dry the area surrounding the track although there was still a lot of water around.  As you drove down the front straight there was Lake Roebling on the left and a smaller version of Lake Roebling on the right.  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were bright and sunny all three days. 

Top: Arthur McKenny’s K-78 powered Margay
Bottom: Terry Armstrong with K-35 powered Quicksilver kart.

The 2nd race on Saturday featured Vintage Unlimited 1 and Vintage USA 1.  Seven Vintage Unlimited karts and one Vintage USA kart were gridded for the race.  When the green flag dropped, Tony Ellison led the pack into Turn #1 with Terry Armstrong in 2nd and Dick Charest in 3rd.  Unfortunately, Daryl Parks had a problem and dropped out before completing a lap.  Dick Charest passed Terry coming off the sweeper onto the main straight to move into 2nd place.  After a few laps, Dick’s engine overheated and before he could adjust the carb HS needle, his K-299 engine went sour and quit running, so he pulled off the track.  A lap later Tony Ellison’s K-35 engine failed, and he dropped out.  While this was going on Terry Armstrong and Arthur McKenny were having a spirited battle on the track.  Three laps after Tony fell out, Chris Foskey stuck his K-55 and dropped out.  After 10 laps Arthur McKenny lost his air filter and his K-78 engine started performing erratically so he came in to prevent damaging his engine.  Scott Ader completed 19 laps running a BM engine on a sprint kart set-up for road racing to finish in 2nd place.  Terry Armstrong completed 20 laps in his Quicksilver kart with a DAP T-62 engine to win the race.  It was Terry’s first win after four years of trying.  Needless to say, he was very pleased with the result.  Tony Ellison set the fastest lap of   the   race   followed   by   Dick   Charest, Arthur   McKenny, Terry Armstrong, Scott Ader, and Chris Foskey.  Bill Anderson ran uncontested in Vintage USA until his engine tore up badly after 14 laps.

The 1st race on Sunday featured Vintage Unlimited 2.  There were no entries in Vintage USA 2.  Five Vintage Unlimited karts were gridded for the race.  Just like on Saturday when the green flag dropped, Tony Ellison led the pack into Turn #1 with Terry Armstrong in 2nd and Dick Charest in 3rd.  Dick followed Tony and Terry for most of the 1st lap and then passed Terry as they came onto the front straight to move into 2nd place.  Then he passed Tony before they crossed the finish line to take the lead of the race.  He led the race for a couple of laps then Tony passed him.  Shortly after passing Dick, Tony spun out in the curves on the back side of the track, so Dick regained the lead of the race.  However, as he drove down the front straight, his engine failed.  On the same lap, Arthur McKenny dropped out and two laps later Chris Foskey stripped a drive belt and dropped out.  A lap later, Terry Armstrong dropped out.  Tony had recovered from his spin and got back on track to continue his race.  Tony completed 21 laps to win the race.  As in race 1, Tony set fast time followed by Dick Charest, Arthur McKenny, Terry Armstrong, and Chris Foskey. 

Chris Foskey’s Yamaha powered Coyote

The 6th race on Sunday featured Vintage Piston Port.  Arthur McKenny and Chris Foskey had a spirited battle throughout the race with Arthur taking the win by about one second over Chris. 

The next race at Roebling Road will be the Annual Southern Vintage Kart Classic scheduled for October 17-18, 2020.  At that event the vintage karts run four exhibition races over the two-day weekend.  There are two 15-minute vintage exhibition races on Saturday and two more 15-minute vintage exhibition races on Sunday.  Both vintage lay-down enduro karts and vintage sprint karts are welcome to participate. 

The track is located near Bloomingdale, GA.  It is 2.02 miles long with 9 turns.  The facility features a 60-acre paddock with paved access roads. 

Daryl Park’s BM powered sprint kart driven by Scott Ader.

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