The VKA 20th Anniversary Celebration

20th Anniversary Patch Winner 

by John Wolkewicz

First, thank you to the six finalists (Kent Windham and Karl Ginter, WINNERS, Randy D. {shadow karts}, Rolf Hill, Sal Palatucci, R.Buchanan Pears, John Wolkiewicz) and to all who helped with the Patch Committee … and especially to the Members for their interest in celebrating VKA’s success over the years.  All of you will be receiving a free, 20th Anniversary Patch!  The first ones will be given at the LaFayette event.  If you don’t get one there, one will be mailed to you.  Thanks, again.  Congratulations to VKA.

As promised last month when we celebrated the ten guys who made the effort to incorporate VKA, our “founding fathers,” here is a list of the VKA Presidents who guided our organization from the beginning.  Be sure you thank them, too.  (So, shoot me if the dates aren’t exactly right.)

01-04: Marc Parker

05: Vince Hughes

08-11: Carl Weakley

12-15: Jeff Campbell

06: Tom Thorin

07: Quentin Haines

16-18: Bill McCornack

18-20: Gary Wlodarsky

IT TAKES VOLUNTEERS … opinion by the editor

Yes, VKA has come a long way in its journey to become the country’s (and perhaps the world’s) oldest and largest vintage karting organization.  We are celebrating our 20th Anniversary this year!  Something we all should be proud of.  But, what does the future hold for VKA? 

Membership is growing.  The number of events is growing.  Participation at events is growing.  That’s all well and good, but … in my opinion … VKA is facing a huge challenge for the future

In a word … volunteers!  They are not easily recruited, Officers and Directors in particular (oh, yes … and Editors).  If it was easy, VKA would have more Member-Volunteers than Members and you would be one.  

I tried to get an Editor more than a year ago.  Cary was the right choice, but unforeseen personal commitments overcame his desire to help VKA.  (VKA still needs an Editor ... fresh blood, new ideas, motivation, excitement and time; computer-skills help.) 

Beyond my personal dilemma, the organization faces a similar dilemma, especially for Officers and Directors.  Presidents (as you can see from the article on p. 3) serve for one to three years.  Other Directors have served for one to several years.  Some jobs require more time and involvement than others.  All their Job Descriptions are detailed in the Organization and Operations document that can be found under the Documents Tab on

If you are interested, here are of some of the skill-sets you can share with VKA to keep it moving forward: organizer (community or otherwise😊), accountant, typist, technical/safety expertise, social media pundit, photographer, journalist, or anyone with a lot of enthusiasm, interest and time to help vintage karting grow

Whether you are an existing Board Member or a member who loves wrenching, picking, promoting, or driving, VKA needs your help.  If you have time and interest in helping VKA to flourish, check out the Job Descriptions or Contact to start the dialogue.

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